Radio Astronomy Interferometer COMING SOON…

After getting up the East Dish and verifying the signals were good, we went ahead and took down the  cantenna on the west dish.
Emmett was able to update and fix it and now it will match the signals with the East Dish.

Both dishes should be up and running by the end of this month. 

Once data is verified by the both dishes, then the next step is to combine the signals into one, which is called a interferometer.

More coming soon…

Newer and Cheaper Amateur Radio Telescope

The Horn Antenna seems to be a favorite goto and for good reason.

All you need is Aluminum flashing 20″x10, a empty paint thinner can, aluminized¬†HVAC tape, N-to-SMA adapter, N Connector, Nooelec SDR and LNA. The cost would be roughly around $100.

The software can be either HDSDR or SDR#.

Will update after making this myself and testing it. More to come…

The Amateur Radio Telescope

Credit: Marcus Radio Telescope

To build your own Amateur Radio Telescope, you will need a few item to get started.

You will need:

Antenna --> LNA --> Bandpass filter --> Power Injector (Bias Tee) --> SDR Dongle --> PC

Software used can be SDR# or a selection from ,

also need to download Radio Eyes to capture a Bell curve like the one below.

To read into Radio Astronomy deeper, here is a PDF book from Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA): Sara Beginner Booklet